TV Flash Forward


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Have any of you heard of this TV series?
I was told it was really good, and well worth the watch.
I haven't had the time yet (since I only heard about it last night) but would like to know your opinions on it if you've seen it.


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I wanted to watch it but I missed the first couple episodes and didn't want to pick up mid-season. I've also heard it's pretty good. It seems similar to Lost and has some of the same actors in it.


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My friends were obsessed with it....i didn't really get it...I did miss a couple though and it seems a bit like Lost in that if you miss a couple then you will not have a clue what the plot is...


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Brilliant drama! Kinda slow though so be prepared to wait for answers.

Also worth pointing out that it's just been cancelled in the US so there won't be a second series! =(


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" flash forward " was a great show. abc doesn't like a complicated show, or least their audience doesn't it. interesting part, this show's cancellation, because of ratings were low, but i read from tv guide, "v" had a bad rating, too. it was toss up " v" and " flash forward", abc had choose " v" over " flash forward " .


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I just don't understand that. Flash Forward was far better than 'V'. V was just about watchable, not as good as the original series of V.


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loyal friend - agree with you ! " v " is fluffy, with a little complication in it, that abc likes in drama. abc depends on comedy shows and reality shows for their high ratings. in the last three years, there has been less 10 drama shows in a season. cbs is the best network of the prime-time network of the big five ( cbc nbc, abc, fox, and the cw). my conclusion of this topic.