Flames slumped since the deadline

Ever sinse the trade deadline the Flames just cant seem to get any momentum going. At the moment we are hemeraging goals and scoring few in reply. Has anyone else noticed this problem because i would go as far as saying we were better before the deadline.


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according to stats that i heard last week the Flames had the best results from the deadline....unless i missed something.


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The flames have a very poor record since the deadline. It seems as though they keep loosing when I watch the highlights of the late night games from the West coast. Just yesterday they got blown away 4-0 by the Wild.


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The Flames have been struggling since the deadline, I think it's a mistake to put Jokinen and Iginla together. He had great chemistry with Mike Cammelleri, so Keenan needs to keep those two together. Also Kipper as played a lot of games and minutes, he's getting tired. He needs to rest before the playoffs. This team is still good and should make a lot of noise come playoff time.


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i consider the flames a dark horse in the west, they are contenders.