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Flames fire Feaster


The return shall be legenday!
“@Sportsnet: Breaking: #Flames fire general manager Jay Feaster. #NHL”


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
Well, that didn't take long. Seriously, most folks thought Feaster was a goner from the moment Burke arrived.


New Member
I'm assuming they "tried" to work things our between the two of them. I think they were too philosophically different in terms of the type of team they wanted Calgary to be. Burke wants the "truculent, hard to play against, hostile" type of team with speed and big bodies. Feaster IMO, based on his trade and free agent history, likes guys who you wouldn't really classify as truculent (i.e. Jiri Hudler, trading Bourque for Cammalleri).


Registered Member
They also fired the assistant GM.

That didn't take long? Are you kidding me? He should have been fired the day he put in an offer sheet on O'Reilly that almost backfired in to their faces. He made the Flames look like a beer league organization that didn't do any research. Then he goes off a makes a trade for the Iginla to the Bruins before getting the assurance from Iginla that he would go there. The Bruins even had their players taken off of the ice in the AHL. Then he makes the deal with the Penguins for? ...

How is Bartowski doing in Boston? He was not even the key piece in the deal...

Horrible, horrible, hockey management guy that had no business being a GM in the first place.
Well, it was clear from day 1 that eventually, Brian Burke would have Jay Feaster's head and that's what he got today.

I don't feel bad for Feaster but for the Flames in their whole. Feaster has been quite a crappy GM and he set back the Flames for God knows how long. I don't know if I would classify him on a Mike Milbury level but clearly, I don't wanna have Feaster on my payroll any time soon. At least, not in a key position.
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