Flakes on your fingernails?


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Call them whatever you want, I call them flakes.

I have like HEAPS on my finger nails at the moment, I've always had them.

What does it mean anyway? No enough calcium?

Anyone else?


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What the hell are flakes? The white spots? I used to get a lot of them, but not so much anymore. I always thought they were bruises.


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Yeah, like I said I call it flakes. They are the white spots on your fingernails. I've got a massive one on my point finger.


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Hmm, I've had this before, it was when I went swimming a lot.

When your nails get wet they expand, then they dry out again, this is what causes the flakiness at least that's what did for me.

I'm no expert that's for sure (I just paid attention in health class a little bit. :lol:)

I think that the white spot is just a place where all of the pressure is applied so really all it is is a denser part of your nail.
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You need more gelatine in your diet, keeps your nails suple, so when they get wet no drying out and flaking.


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I thought he was talking about those white half egg looking things where your finger nail starts.

I heard it means too much calcium.


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Leukonychia? Do you bite your nails? Anyway, I've had those and they just disappear without me doing anything special about it.

I found a site that says it's not true they're caused by calcium deficiency or zinc deficiency.

And another that said zinc supplements stopped the appearance of white spots. :hah:


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Can I just say I have NEVER heard of this and I was scared to look inside the thread. I've never had "flakes" and never seen anyone with them.

@Echoes: If you bruised your finger nail would it not go black?

If it's to do with calcium then I should have them considering I hate milk. :lol: