Flair's farewell

Discussion in 'Wrestling' started by Babe_Ruth, Apr 1, 2008.

  1. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    I have to say that it was very well done, and I was happy to see the real four horsemen, Ricky Steamboat. I also love all the appreciation shown by the wrestlers that came out and gave him a standing ovation. He deserved all the attention he got and I'm really glad he got it.

  2. generalblue

    generalblue Where is my Queen?

    I grew up watching Flair and it was hard to watch him go. It is truly an end to an incredible era. Professional wrestling will never be the same again. Thank you for the memories Ric
  3. Millz

    Millz LGB Staff Member V.I.P.

    I haven't gotten teary eyed much over my years watching wrestling but this farewall definitely did. Outside of Owen Hart and Eddie Guerrero's death nothing has been more emotional than this.
  4. Doc

    Doc Trust me, I'm The Doctor. V.I.P.

    Man, he was crying a lot. Imagine having to vent all of those years in front of the people you've worked with and their children for all of that time.
  5. Same here, I hated to see Ric go, but for his own physical well being it was the best for him...Because he would've had a heart attack in the ring if he hadn't.

    But era wise, I hated him leaving...I've seen all of his Title winning and most of Title defence's, so it was the hardest thing to watch sunday night and last night.
  6. Kratzenkov16

    Kratzenkov16 Registered Member

    Wuss ;)

    in all honesty is was an emotional moment & a great moment. a raw to remember forever.
  7. Ziggy

    Ziggy Sup?

    That farewell speech shows just how much ric Flair cared for this industry.
  8. Not just how much he cared, but how much the industry cared for Ric.
  9. Babe_Ruth

    Babe_Ruth Sultan of Swat Staff Member V.I.P.

    It was awesome to see him getting emotional, it showed that he will miss this industry. I got a little teary myself. I also loved when Big Show went up to the ring to congratulate him and said thank you, he even got teary. A lot of guys probably got teary we just didn't see them all.

    These are all the wrestlers that got teary that I noticed:

    CM Punk
    Big Show

    I know there's more but I cannot think of them right now. It was an amazing farewell, and I'm glad I saw it.
  10. Merc

    Merc Certified Shitlord V.I.P. Lifetime

    There's nothing more crushing to witness than watching a man finally give up his dream.

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