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Movies Flags of Our Fathers


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Clint Eastwood directed this tale of the battle for Iwo Jima in World War II. 6 Americans, 5 marines and a navy corpman, raised a flag on Mount Suribachi. A newspaper photographer took the picture which became an icon. 3 of the men in the picture were killed in the battle. Eastwood's movie is based on a book written by James Bradley, the son of one of the survivors. 6,821 Americans and 21,000 Japanese died on this island 500 miles from Tokyo. Eastwood attempts to show the tragedy of war and the tenuous nature of heroism. I grew tired of being told there is no such thing as a hero. Although the story is interesting, the movie is boring.


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So you thought it was boring? I have heard good things myself. I did hear that it is MORE violent than Saving Private Ryan though.

What do you mean by boring? How can the story be interesting, yet boring at the same time?


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I recently saw Flags of Our Fathers...
Hollywood, it does what it wants why it wants it. That's why they always attach the disclaimer:
Based on a true story
Not the actual story itself, but 'based', so they can get away with slurring the lines horribly.
Two movies that were really fuzzy in comparison to the 'actual' story were:
Enemy at the Gate
Memphis Belle

Memphis Belle's last mission was so blase... of course Hollywood was forced to jazz it up, otherwise the audience would be non-existent.

And after watching Flags of Our Fathers all I felt was utter contempt for the government... and pity for Ira, who loved serving his country, not being made a puppet for it.

Everyone who serves this country is a hero, regardless of what badly depicted movies say.


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I saw Flags and thought it was ok. You definatly could compare it to Saving Private Ryan, but Saving Private Ryan is definatly the more violant of the two.