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fix Rain damaged panasonic KX-TGA181AL cordless phone

Has any of your electronic devices broken due to moisture and caused inconvenience?

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hi there,

i have a panasonic phone (see title), but it was left on the bed during a storm, windows open, and now (no thanks to the "lovely" rain) it's broken. I can't hear the other person, but they can hear me (i think it's that way around). The incident happened about 2 months ago, at least. My father shoved it in rice (I had to pull it apart later to remove the rice from INSIDE the phone), and it worked, for about a month (the second half of the month that it worked, it would stop working on occasion). so the rice worked when it was wet. now its dry. rice won't do nothin.

Is there anything else i can do (don't say "check for, and remove, any corrosion, rust, dust, etc." [working on that now], or "get a new phone". i want to fix it. its still new. even if i have to pull it apart. its not like the waranty is still valid)?

thank you for your help.


Lion Rampant
The problem is most likely corrosion of the delicate metallic traces that serve as wires between the components on your phone's printed circuit board ("PCB"). If my phone or other electronic item containing a PCB got wet, I'd want to warm it up with a blow dryer or heat lamp or the hot sun immediately to evaporate the water trapped inside. But that's for next time. To answer your question, here's what you would need to do:

YouTube - ‪How to repair a PCB Trace?‬‏

Hail Mary shot: there's a small chance that a microscopic amount of trapped moisture, not corrosion, is causing a broken circuit on your board. You might try heating it up as I described, to make sure every bit of water is out. Good luck!


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i don't think a broken trace is the problem (not that sort of breakage, anyway. but i'll have another look)

i'll try the second idea though. its winter here, moist air. definitely possible