Five teams that could challenge USC


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FOX Sports on MSN - COLLEGE FOOTBALL - Five teams that could challenge USC - Number 1

I'm surprised to see MU #2, but I like it. It looks like we're finally starting to get some recognition and respect.

But that isn't why I made this thread. I want everyone to take those 5 teams and rank them. 1 having the best chance and 5 having the worst chance at beating USC.

Here's my 5.


The only difference between their list and mine is I flipped Oklahoma with Missouri. I think Oklahoma is a very solid team on both sides of the ball and would be able to handle USC.

But don't get me wrong, MU would destroy USC. ;)
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1. Florida - They have the athletes to match up with USC on both sides of the ball. Urban Meyer is a big game coach.

2. Oklahoma - Ridiculous offense, but I'm not sure if their defense could stop USC. Also, they've been pretty lackluster in big games in recent years.

3. LSU - Like Florida, they have the talent to compete with anyone.

4. Missouri - If their offense has an off-game, is the defense good enough to keep them in the game? I don't think so.

5. Georgia - I'm just not that impressed with them and I think they're overrated. They needed a little luck to beat South Carolina last weekend. The real USC is a whole different animal.

That said, I'm not even convinced USC is the best team in the country. I think their win last weekend was as much Ohio State being bad as USC being great.