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Five Scariest Games You've Ever Played


Having just recently finished my first playthrough of Outlast (yes, for some reason, I'm willingly going back to Mount Massive Asylum), I thought I'd ask what the scariest games you've ever played were.

Mine, in order, are...



A terrifying game from start to finish. There's not a single second of this game that you feel safe. Terrific graphics and sound adds tons to the experience, especially the music. The main character's panicked breathing is done perfectly and makes hiding from the "monsters" feel all the more real. If you liked to be scared, I highly recommend this game.


The Suffering

It took ten long years for this game to get knocked off the top of the list. This game is a complete mind-fuck. Great sound and some cool visuals make it feel like you might be going as insane as the main character. A lot of crazy shit goes down inside the walls of Abbott State Penitentiary. A great survival horror game. The sequel was also good, but won't make my top 5.


Dead Space

The best game in the series, and the scariest game I've ever played set in space. The atmosphere is incredible on the Ishimura and there are tons of great jump scares. Dead Space 2 was another scary installment, but Dead Space 3 was a joke.



The 8-year-old version of me was terrified by this game. I still remember some of the nightmares I had because of it. Haha. There were parts where I could hear the monsters outside the room and I just wouldn't go out there. Sometimes I'd just leave it sitting there for hours or until it was light outside.


Resident Evil 3: Nemesis

As I've mentioned in another thread, I hate the feeling of being chased. So, it should be no surprise that this game makes the list. You are chased from beginning to end by Nemesis and he's a real dick. The last truly great Resident Evil game before they began to slowly go down the shitter.


New Member
hmm I dunno if they were really all that scary but I guess I would have to go with.

The Last of Us (PS3)
The Walking Dead (PS3)
Max Payne (PS2)
Max Payne (PS3)


I ♥ Haters
I'd go with the following:

1. Outlast - Hands down the best survival-horror I've ever played. As Kons mentioned before me, there really isn't a single moment you feel safe in the game. The atmosphere is creepy, the music is moody and the protagonist's rapid breathing all makes for a perfect blend of psychological terror. It's the only game I can recall that makes me strategise before opening every door.

2. Manhunt - Rockstar can do no wrong. I played this back in 2004 on a PS2 and even then, with it's laughably bad graphics. this game managed to be terrifying. And even though the gameplay was somewhat frustrating, the narrative was awesome with it's snuff film angle. Could've had a better ending (like Manhunt 2) but considering the years it was made (2003) and released (2004) in, it knocks it out of the park. Add a few real life murders based on the game and you have a pretty notoriously creepy game.

3. Amnesia - This one is the reasson why I started playing the horror genre in the first place. My brother bought this for his PC but never actually got around to playing this. (In fact, when I opened the case, they cover's spine hadn't even been cracked yet.) In most cases I would HATE anything set in the 1800s with a fantasy element to the story, but I'm glad I gave this a shot. As you progress through the world, it gets creepier and creepier. It's kinda like Outlast, but with an oil lamp.

4. Silent Hill 3 - This one really doesn't require much of an explanation. The Silent Hill series is pretty much the creme de la creme of the horror genre, but if I had to choose a favorite, I'd go with SH3... even if it did have pretty shitty controls.

5. Left 4 Dead - Not really that scary, but I loved the creepy "untold" narrative in this game. There is no story in the game itself, its more of a get from point A to point B and kill zombies while you're at it. However, the story is definitely there if you're willing to look for it - mostly on the walls of safe houses and in random places in the campaigns. The whole game is set entirely in the dark and every special infected has his or her own theme, which just adds to the creepiness of this game.


rainbow 11!
Not in order or anything:

Bioshock: It had some great jumps and the atmosphere was incredible.

Dead Space 1 and 2: So. Fucking. Scary. easily the top of the list.

L4D: Not as scary as the other two, but the tank used to make me scream.

I bought alan wake which I have heard is scary but I haven't played it yet.


HIJKay said:
I bought alan wake which I have heard is scary but I haven't played it yet.
That was the only game I beat when I owned my 360. It's good. It definitely has a lot of creepy moments and jump scares.