Fitting in


Sultan of Swat
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Do you think young kids today try to hard to fit in? Wether it's starting to smoke at a young age, or dressing up like a "wannabe ganster"

I've been taking the bus for the last week since my car is at the shop, and I've seen kids at the tender age of 14-16 smoking, having baggy clothes, the hat sideways and all that sort of stuff.

Do you believe they do this because they want to fit in with the crowd, or it's just the image they see on television and they want to be like them?



Creeping On You
I think it has a lot to do with trying to fit in. I know my younger brother is like that. Thankfully he's smart enough not to smoke, but he wears the baggy clothes, and gets into fits if he isn't bought the 'cool' clothing etc. He'll actually stay home sometimes if the cool clothes he wants to wear aren't out of the wash yet. It's pretty ridiculous. In reality, the kids at school don't care that much, but he is so determined to not stand out that he'll go to those ends. I think a lot of it had to do with the media, making out like you have to be dressed a certain way to fit in.


Sally Twit
It's peer pressure. I smoked for a couple of years because of the pressure to be "cool". I'd always hear that all the "cool" kids were smoking and drinking at the park and it was the place to be. You could only go if you had a fag in your mouth though!


it's a little bit of both. at that age, everyone wants to be on the top and not be left the desire to fit in and what they see on television.. is what they think they should be.


Son of Liberty
I wouldnt say its them just trying to fit in.

I do however agree its what they see all over TV. Its glamorized just about everywhere you look at pretty much crammed down their throats as the thing to do. Peer Pressure (as its been said already) is the biggest thing here. Not necessarily the need or want to fit in. Heck I'd say kids have been trying to fit in for as long as people have socialized :hah:


Mark ov teh Pond
Well, I am quite the opposite. I never did anything illegal, or "cool" back in those days. Don't get the wrong idea - I was no inspiration, either.

Good gods, no.

As far as clothing and style went, I was your typical white trash scrub. During 9th grade I had 3 sets of clothing that I wore the entire year, and if they were not clean I wore them dirty.

I can't tell you what I believe, because when I was in school I never cared what other kids wore or how they handled themselves. I can tell you, like every other kid that I had my own phases and usually style of clothing changed with them.
Sure, I think it's mostly about fitting in. Kids are bound to want to copy their peers and it only takes one bad apple..

Though it's sad when they don't grow up to realise the mistakes they made, all to look 'cool'. I mean, everybody makes mistakes and it shapes you into the person you are today, but that's just the point, trying to fit in can ruin your life. Smoking at an early age and then never being able to quit, for example.


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I used to try not to fit in, just to be different.

Someone would tell me something wasn't cool so I made it a point to wear it a lot. I guess I was the exact opposite. I'm weird like that.

(It should be noted I am no longer like that)


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I would say kids definitely try too hard to fit in. The problem is that kids tend to be very superficial in our society and nobody wants to be friends with the outcast. Of course people will try extra hard to not be that person. Unfortunately a lot of times it just means that they end up doing a lot of things they end up regretting later in life, if they make it that far.


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Kids definitely try too hard to fit in, even the ones who wear sideways hats or all black clothes and chains and say they're trying not to fit in. They are fitting in by not fitting in with the trendy kids.