Fitting in as a young child


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I was wondering if you guys thought that fitting in while at a young age is one of the most important things as a child? If your answer is yes please explain why, and if your answer is no please explain why as well.


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Interesting question there CB.
I would say it is important yes.
Interpersonal skills are important for the social survival of any human being. That said though, it is not necessarily the most important factor of making a well rounded adult.

I would say that children should 'fit in' as you put it, but I am not saying to the extend of being the most popular child in school. Every one fits in to one or the other group of people, whether it be the 'nerd', 'jocks' or whatever, children should fit in somewhere, yes!
I think it's important that children don't feel left out. In just one game of tag or something, fine, but in the longer term.. having no friends and feeling like there's something wrong with you but not understanding what or why, well, I'd say it's pretty much a downward spiral from there, usually.


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I think that there is some importance to it, yes. For me personally I never really cared that much and usually just did whatever I wanted too. Sometimes I would do the opposite of what everyone else did just for the hell of it.

But for younger kids I think its a good thing to try and fit in so that they make friends and have a fun childhood.


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Education should be the most important thing. I had a lot of friends in school and I messed around a heck of a lot. I didn't do as good in school as I should have because I didn't pay attention to a lot of the classes. Of course people can have friends and work hard but people spend way too much time worrying about being popular than actually learning.


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totally depends on the home life and personality of the child

if they are motivated/driven to succeed and be powerful/rich when they are older then not fitting in will probably go hand in hand with that as they will turn down social opportunities for spending time improving their grades etc


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While I'm not sure that fitting in everywhere is necessarily all the important, I do think that being completely & intentionally left out could be detrimental.
I think the best thing would be to have some balance between social interactions and school work. I like what Bliss had to say popularity not coming before education.