Fissure, Monday September 11th 2006

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    I'd like to take the time to honor and respect evey one that lost thier lifes 5 years ago on this day. We will always remeber and love you. R.I.P


    1) It can get rid of that annoying Mystic Swordsman LV2.
    2) It can get rid of the ever dangrous Spirit Reaper
    3) I will at least be a 1-1

    1) It's not as playble as Smashing Groound
    2) It can't take the the heavy hitters.
    3) It's likely to go 1-1 with Scapegoat

    There are more pro's and cond but those are the one that stick out the most when you think of playing this card.

    Traditional: 1-5
    Advanced: 1.5-5

    Sorry if this seems sort but it tooke me 3 times to get it done.

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