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I don't know why, but fishing is the greatest way to reduce stress. Not only is it fun, but its so relaxing. Salmon fishing on lake michigan is hours of nothing to do followed by 10 minutes of pure exileration. It's one of the best feelings in the world. If you have not gone fishing I would highly suggest you do. Just make sure you don't get sea sick.


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I loved to fish when I was a kid. I never could get the fish off the hook now.

However, i don't think I would enjoy it as an adult. Although I love eating some fish, i don't think I would like the grossness of killing them myself.


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I love all types of fishing, I am always on the local stretches of river and lakes in and around my area, I go sea fishing when ever I get a chance to hit the coast line.

I agree that is a great way to reduce stress, it it had not been for fishing and the chance to wet a line over the last couple of years I think I would have done some very stupid things.


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Oh, I love to fish. I feel so accomplished when I catch something. I had caught the biggest bass in my family when I was like 10. We have it mounted. I am so proud.