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Fisherman catches massive shark, climbs inside


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The Victorian fisherman celebrated catching a huge shark by climbing inside the gutted fish, poking his arm through its gills and posing for a joke shot with his knife buried between its eyes.

Story here.

Now this is a crazy photo lol, I don't know how he came up with the idea but I do find it funny, I just hope he used the shark for more than just a stupid photo.


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Here's hoping he cleared out the guts and the human pieces out of the shark before climbing inside. I don't find it funny but if it was me, I would do it as well just for the shits and giggles.


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When I first saw the photo I thought he had caught it with a human arm (which of course begs the question, where did this arm come from?)

The article doesn't say how much the shark weighed, I was kinda wanting to know that (I'm sure it's nowhere near the record of 1,323 lbs)

It says that there are a lot of cocky fisherman out there but none can be as cocky as this guy. :lol: He does have one of the most unique pictures I've ever seen.

I do hope he uses the shark for more than a photo though, that seems like a waste. A shark big enough to climb inside, and that's all he does with it.


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That man has an amazing sense of humor. I don't think I've ever seen a picture of a shark catch that awesome in my life.


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I'll sit back quietly and wait for the massive shitstorm that will be PETA when they get their hands on this story. I have to admit, it actually is a bit tasteless in my opinion but if that's how this idiot wants to treat his kill, go ahead.


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That is so gross. I can't imagine that is sanitary in any way. I mean, could he get some kind of weird bacteria or get sick from doing this?

Ew ew ew ew ew ew


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Wow, I bet he smelled of dead fish. I don't see how he could stand to do this or want to. It is funny though. Hope they didn't waste all the meat.


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That is one of the coolest things I've ever seen hahaha

And its pretty damn gross too but mostly awesome


Should have left the poor thing in the ocean. Sharks are having a hard enough time as it is, with shark finning and over-fishing in many countries.