Fish don't have prescriptions!

Discussion in 'Science & History' started by Kazmarov, Mar 27, 2009.

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    Drug traces found in fish near 5 sewage treatment plants - Los Angeles Times

    Much like mercury and arsenic poisonings of yesteryear, it seems that improperly disposed-of prescription drugs may be the next threat to aquatic life, and eventually humans (as we consume animals usually at the top of the food chain that concentrate trace elements like pesticides and chemicals in their bodies).

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    I was watching a preview for a show called monster fish or something and this guy was catching huge ass fish. I was like how could a fish grow that big? Well, this thread has answered my question.
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    I see no problem with regulating waste, especially medical waste. People who improperly dispose of such materials should be fined heavily and perhaps made to drink a few prescriptions from a blender and see if they like it. :mad:
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    Its not just drugs per se.

    Oestrogen pollution is one major problem. Females who take the pill or other HRT treatment. The hormone is basically passed through their blader into their urine and then gets flushed down the toilet tothe oceanturning all the fish into hermaphrodites and making the dolphins gay! (....maybe not the latter:shifteyes:).

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