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First Trick


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What was the first trick you learned? I think the first thing I learned was how to ride without putting my hands on the handlebars...not much, I know, but I always remember that as my first "trick." That was closely followed by me spinning the handlebars.


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I never did insane tricks but a few I liked were riding two feet on one pedal or standing on the seat while still keeping my hands on the handlebar. I knew a guy who did some crazy stuff though.

Saw him eat it once while he was trying to SIT on the handlebars and put his feet on the seat while going down a large hill... He was ok afterwards but he was bleeding a lot. This is when I was a lot younger though so of course we all thought it was cool regardless of his injuries and a few other people then decided to try it. Kids are so smart sometimes. :D


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My first trick would have to have been standing on the seat also. Following right behind that was popping a wheelie. I was so excited the first time I popped a wheelie.


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My first trick, when I was 8, was a handstand on the handlebars.

My second trick was not crying as they set my broken arm at the emergency room! Oh well, live and learn.

I never did master the handstand on the handlebars trick...


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Oh, the standing on the seat thing was easy when I was short. A growth spurt at 12 made me a little less coordinated and thus more apt to fall. So I stopped.


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Well Sherman set the way back machine to 1980. Let's visit young surfer on his new Red-Line pro BMX bike. Look at how he takes those jumps.

Well as you can see I can laugh about my first trick/wipe out.

The first thing I learned how to do was a Table Top w/ and endo landing.

Took me a while to land it but when I landed it for my first time at the Dallas BMX freestyle competition it was AWESOME!. Didn't win but I came in second. = ) (this was way before they had X-Games or even gravity Games)

And yes BMX is where I got my first taste of the extreme rush and the love to go faster and do crazier stunts.

The one thing I have left from those days is 3 pins in my ankle and a wicked scar on my left shoulder from dirt rash.

So now I surf and longboard cause I'm old and break easier than I used to.
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The First Trick I Learned Was A 360 Handle Spin.

U jump hold the handles and spin the bike around in a 360.

:D - No One Knows I BMX!