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First trick landed


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Basically I created this thread so everyone can post their first trick where they didn't bail! XD (ollie doesn't count... XD)

For me it was a kickflip... I still have trouble doing it though.. =/


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I didn't quite make it to my first trick landed. :) I had a lot of tricks that were more like "spattered" than landed. That's why I stick to water and snow now. It's less painful when you mess up. :D


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For those of you who wakeboard, I have landed wake to wake a couple of times. Once when I was going for it, I turned sideways in the air and caught my front edge. Of course in wake boarding, you can't really bail once you've jumped for the wake to wake. The crash was so bad, that one of my bindings ripped off the board and the board swung up and hit me in the head. It didn't actually hurt me beside physical pain, but my eyes were filled with water because I face planted.


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Wow, that sounded pain full. I haven't actually did any tricks, I don't think I can anymore. Oh well. congrats on the flip kick though.


Mine was a kick flip :D


The first thing I was ever a fan of was Bikes and the first trick I landed was a 180 on a half pipe, I must have landed halfway and fell over about fifty times before I landed it. I was So Proud!

The last first trick i can remember landing after that was Skateboard and It was a kickflip which is pretty generic when you think about it, I was thinking to myself "wouldn't it be cool if I jumped that gap doing a christ air for my first trick" but I never had enough guts to do it, mostly because I was never that good at Skateboarding.


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since ollie doesnt count in here, and i still have problems with those lol, my first landed trick is a one-footed nose grind!!!:p


~Lucky 13 strikes again~
Hi all..

I did it! I did my first Helicopter slide as well as my first seesaw last night, for those of you who don't know what they are they longboard sliding tricks.

I am working on the 2 wheel corner slide next, Just like shooting the curl of a big gnarly wave.

So far these sliding gloves and gear were well worth the money. :D
Get low and get fast..

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