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First Snow in Cairo in 112 Years


Epic Gamer
That's pretty incredible. It must be such an amazing sight to wake up one day to find the world that you know utterly different.

Where I used to live in Wales, it was too cold and there was too much salt in the air for snow to form easily (I lived on the coast) so we quite often had years without any snow. I remember how the occasional Christmas that had snow seemed so special because you could never guarantee whether or not it would snow. I can only imagine what it must be like for these people in comparison.


I'm serious
Why would someone fake photos to prove something happened that really did happen? The mind boggles. Cairo is insanely hot and humid and just nasty. I can only imagine how surprised it's inhabitants must have been when it snowed (if it really snowed).

The climate is definitely changing. Maybe in a few centuries, SA and Aus eill have a white Christmas and the USA and Europe have summer.

Also, I laughed at some of those comments on those pics.


Yeah Idi, I got so confused there haha. I was like is it true or not!?

I hope we don't start having white christmas' here in Aus! How would we continue the Australian Christmas tradition of having a bbq in the backyard, waterfights and going to the beach on christmas day?


Free Spirit
Staff member
This is some crazy weather. Bet the Egyptians were freaking out this is such a rare event. They had better enjoy it because it might not happen again in their lifetime.

It was strange seeing a camel lay in the snow.