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I know that most people don't give a crap about AstroBoy, I'm looking forward to the CGI version and will still follow it up until its release. Last year we were one of the first to bring you an exclusive concept art photo (seen above) from the film.

Now we have a few new photos courtesy of Astroboy Online that show a fully rendered AstroBoy and some additional never-before-seen concept art. The movie has gone through quite a bit of trouble, including switching directors to David Bowers, and recently just picked up Kristen Bell as one of the voice talents.

Now we have our first fully-rendered look at the film and it doesn't seem half bad - enough to still keep me excited. Hopefully I'm not the only one looking forward to AstroBoy…

Set in futuristic Metro City, Imagi Studios' "AstroBoy" is about a young robot with incredible powers created by a brilliant scientist to replace the son he has lost.​

Unable to fulfill the grieving father's expectations, our hero embarks on a journey in search of acceptance, experiencing betrayal and a netherworld of robot gladiators, before he returns to save Metro City and reconcile with the man who had rejected him. For a recap on the history of AstroBoy and info on the character, head here.​

AstroBoy is directed by ex-Disney animator David Bowers, of Flushed Away previously, with a screenplay written by Timothy Harris, of Brewster's Millions, Kindergarten Cop, and Space Jam previously. Imagi Animation, the studio behind TMNT last year, is developing this animated film which is based on Osamu Tezuka's manga series. AstroBoy will arrive in theaters sometime in 2009.​
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To be honest, I have never been a fan of Astro Boy but I'm interested to see how this turns out. So I'll be keeping tabs on this movie.