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First Days, Middle Days, Last days What it is it?


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Some call it last days. Some call it doomsday. The time is near.. Armageddon or the Apocolypse. What the case may be it has been taught more than any other generation that lived on the Earth. But even in WW2 people thought this was going to be Doomsday. I have a viewpoint on these things but will let others share theirs first.

How can we know this is the last days when that even the JW in the early 20th century said the end was near? Books like 1988 Hal Lindsey called 88 reasons why Jesus will return. Tim LaHayes books the Left Behind series. And talk goes on and on and nothing still has happened. The Mayan prediction of 2012 has even passed. A Pastor was predicting and still the day has passed. If they are Pastors or Bible commentators or book authors and they are wrong about the timing how could we that never went to seminary school know better then they can?

Where do you get your sources to find out about these things? Such as the bible, church or church TV, books, newspapers or internet warnings. From the sources that you use which of these do you believe or not? Do you think that their are any that are teaching true? Are they teaching falsely? How much can we rely on books newspapers or internet warnings? Are these the last days or could it be 50, 100 or more years yet? If you believe these are the last days share your reasons. if you think it's still a long time away share that also. For those that don't believe at all you can share also.
That's why this is a called a posting forum because we all have our own opinions and viw. I'll share my view after anyone posts.


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I don't think we will know for sure until it happens. Bad things have always went on and I'm sure will continue to do so.


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The most important place that you can know when the last days are is of course the Bible. Do I believe it? Yes I do because the words are from Jesus himself what is to happen. This is what Jesus says best in Matthew 24.. Bible Gateway passage: Matthew 24 - New King James Version and in Bible Gateway passage: 2 Timothy 3 - New King James Version 1-5

You'll notice it says that many will come in Jesus name to decieve us. So of course there''s false teaching. Jesus gets to the point and makes sure that we know what he wants us to that is of most importance on this matter.
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I agree with Highlander and CM. I agree wirg Highlander because she says you don't know when it will happen. Because the Bible says you don't know the day or hour. The Bible also says even when when these things happen keep yourself occupied by doing wwhat you do.

I agree with CM because there's signs to look for. A lot of Christians don't know that Matthew 25 is the same sermon of Matthew 24. Matthew 24 focuses on the signs to look for where as Matthew 25 focuses on be ready for those days. But those who are new to the Bible might ask why is Jesus calling himself a thief in the night? The translation has nothing to do with stealing at all. Jesus says thief because he is warning all of us that you need to watch and be ready. The day that this will happen you will not know.

And the virgins represents Gods people who is the bride waiting for the bridegroom which is Jesus. Again Jesus warns you that are virgins waiting for the groom keep the oil in your lamps at all times because if you to another city asking for oil in your lamp the groom may arrive before you get back. So the person that is not ready will miss Jesus when he returns.

Will they be killed? No. They will not be at the great gathering which will be worldwide.

This is it for now because I don't want to share like John Hagee a church sermon I would be telling you to many scriptures leaving nothing for anyone else to say. Prophecy is one of my best subjects in the Bible. I'm not a prophet as many Christians call themselves. I simply study the Bible like others do. The meaning of a prophet to those who wrote prophecies in the Bible. as for today I believe in the bible and between church sermons and Christian books I can understand prophecy better today. Who else would like to join this?


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People overlook the obvious facts that you have never been more safe from crime or war. The media and government both want you to be afraid - you are much easier to control when you are afraid.


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The one thing that makes me wonder about if we're living in the last days is the parable of the fig tree and the Ezekiel prophecy about the dry bones and the war of Gog and Magog. Jesus said when you see the fig tree grow again that generation would see him again. A lot of scholars interpret this as the establishing of the nation Israel. Ezekiel also talked about this reestablishing of the nation and then not long after the areas of Russia, Turkey and Iran would attack.
We've obviously seen the first half of those prophecies so we know at some point the second have will come. I agree that things are great in the world now, but I also realize the world could turn on a dime. Some people like Elon Musk worry that AI will bring us closer to doomsday. I don't know. I just know the Apocolypse is coming for me one day if its worldwide or just with the ending of my life. I'm ready either way.