Movies First BioShock, now Second Life?


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Gore Verbinski, director of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy, is already signed up to helm the movie based on 2K's critically acclaimed BioShock, and now word comes from Variety that he's getting involved in a much more dramatic project based on the effects virtual worlds like Second Life can have on players.
The basis for the Universal film is actually a 2007 article from The Wall Street Journal, which details how a married man, Ric Hoogestraat, spends as many as 20 hours a day in the virtual world as an avatar described as a "thriving, musclebound entrepreneur." In real life, Hoogestrat is 53 years old, diabetic and a chain smoker. His escapades in Second Life were destroying his real life and marriage. The movie will not be directly based on Hoogestrat, but the goal is to demonstrate the detrimental impact on the lives of players.
Steven Knight (Eastern Promises) will pen the script, while Verbinski will produce with Alain Chabat, Stephanie Danan and Sarah Shepard of WAM Films. The project got started at the studio through Verbinski's Blind Wink Prods.
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Do you think it's stupid to make a movie about the effects the Virtual World have on people? ..and how do you feel overall about the making of BioShock by the Pirate of the Caribbean director?


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I think you've got two threads wrongly mixed here. You could go on for pages about the rammifications of video games and people's lives whereas as it seems fairly possibly that Verbinski may be the perfect choice for Bioshock with his sense of style.


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Yeah, I'm actually pretty excited about the prospect of a Bioshock movie directed by Gore Verbinski.

But about the second life thing, some people take that shit way too far and do let it hurt their personal and professional lives. Hopefully the movie won't make people think that Second Life and as an extension MMORPGs destroy everyone's life no matter what the circumstances.