First Big Scandal: Chinese Gymnasts Too Young


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What began as whispers among the media and gymnastics insiders weeks ago about the ages of three of China's female Olympic gymnasts -- Jiang Yuyuan, Yang Yilin and He Kexin -- has grown into ear-shattering, head-hurting shouts. Despite assurances by Chinese officials that all three are 16, the minimum age of eligibility for Olympic competition, newly discovered documents and records prove otherwise.
I KNEW IT!!! they kept saying stuff about the girls being to young looking then someone said well the one that is hella old looks to young too so maybe they just look young but arent...... so america gets the gold?!!?


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This is an interesting story. When I first saw them, I told myself, wow those girls look really young. One of them looked like she was 13 years old. Should be interesting to see what happens with this. This could be good news for the Americans, if they get disqualified.


For a Free Scotland
Amazingly enough, the country the puts led in children's toys is also disingenuous in regards to sporting competition.

I'm amazed that China, which has worked for years to make sure these games go flawlessly, decided to sabotage their own image by cheating.
Yeah good for American gymnist but horrible for the olympics, I'd love to see one olympic without a scandal. Shows a lot about the "natural goodness" of humanity.


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I knew it all along as well and by knew it I mean I figured something was up. These Chinese gymnist are taken from their homes at early ages and trained and trained and trained.

This is no surprise and I'm not shocked the Chinese tried to cheat...this Olympic games is a big deal to them and they'll do whtever it takes,


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There will be many consequences. Probably a fine and a stern talking to. Or maybe Bush will decide to nuke the ever fucking christ out of them. Who knows. But it would be fun to watch the second one go down. Me being toatally safe in a rural area.


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How do the age rules work with the Chinese age system?

Legally in China you are 1 year old when you are born.