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Awesome Fireworks


Sally Twit
In under an hour I will be watching some fireworks which take place on a boat just behind my home. I live by a river and there is an annual festival taking place which finishes with a firework display. Each year they seem to get bigger, louder and more colourful. I am a huge fan of fireworks so feel pretty excited right now.

How about the rest of you? Like them? Watch them often?


Sultan of Swat
Staff member
They have spectacular fireworks at Parliament Hill on Canada Day. They go on for about twenty-five minutes or so, and they're just amazing.

I haven't seen them in years, but when I was a child I used to go with my parents and my brother all the time.

I saw some Fireworks on my vacation at some festival. They were pretty entertaining.


yellow 4!
We have fireworks every year at my house on bonfire night, my dad goes absolutely crazy over it. He's a huge kid and is known for his firework displays amongst my family and family friends. I bet our neighbors dread that weekend :hah:

So yeah, I love them, they make me feel nostalgic.


I'm sort of torn on fireworks. A part of me loves them, I love loud sounds, and they look beautiful. But a part of me knows how bad they are for the environment, and how damaging they can be for animals and peoples pets within the area of the fireworks. So yeah, a bit half/half for me.


Well-Known Member
Fireworks were ruined for me about seven years ago. I was friends with a girl whose dad's job was to design fireworks. One weekend he put on a show for his family/friends of some special fireworks he'd been working on and they were freaking amazing! I'd never seen anything like it. Since then regular fireworks have just looked kinda average to me.