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Sitting here on the computer and hearing fireworks go off outside. Do you set off fireworks for July 4th or enjoy watching a fireworks display? It is illegal to set off fireworks in the state of ohio but people do it anyways. I have not set off fireworks in years but its fun to set them off but dangerous when you have drunk neighbors setting them off.

I enjoy watching fireworks display. My friend lives by a park and the city puts on a fireworks display and we just sit on his lawn and watch the sky light up.


July 1st is Territory Day.

That's when we releases fireworks into the sky to illuminate and impress people.


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Australians set off fireworks at any chance they get. Christmas, New Years Eve, etc. I love fireworks. I live in an area where the every second house sets off fireworks. I absolutely love it.


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I love fireworks! I like going to places where they will show fireworks. In Manila, they have incredible fireworks display for xmas and NY....and everywhere, not just designated touristic areas. They're set off by residents and groups, govt, etc. Everyone.

I'm flying to the US to see what July 4 hype is about and because it has fireworks! :lol: I was there for New Year too and I was in front of the Embarcadero in SF where they had the traditional NYE fireworks. I really liked that.


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We don't celebrate on July the 4th here but I do like to watch fireworks on November the 5th - Bonfire Night!
I think they are beautiful to look at. I don't enjoy how loud a lot of them are but the beautiful colours in the sky make up for that.


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I just got back from the lake and we put on a huge fireworks display. Our grand finale lasted over 4 minutes; it was pretty awesome considering we put it all together ourselves haha

I quite enjoy them. I don't enjoy them when they shoot at my face but otherwise they are cool.


Sultan of Swat
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Not a huge fan of fireworks, I don't hate them but I'm satisfied of seeing them once a year on Canada Day. I won't go out of my way to see them, but if I downtown that night then I'll stick around and watch the show our Parliament has to offer.


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I've seen fireworks cause a lot of problems such as severe injuries and fires. I think they a really stupid idea, the general public should not be using them.

I think that they should I.D. everybody that buys them and require that they are 18 AND live in a state where it is legal, I understand that this wouldn't stop it completely but it would certainly shut it down a lot.