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I'm having troubles with the bookmarks on Firefox. Every few days, the bookmarks reset, and I lose all of the sites that I had stored. There is no warning for it and its completely random. I'll open Firefox and the bookmarks will be there, then, I'll close it and open it later and the bookmarks will be gone. Any help is appreciated. I like using this more than IE and I'd like to be able to have my bookmarks.


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This has happened to me and a few people I know. I'm not exactly sure what the problem is. You can try installing an older version, or re-install the new version.


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I don't like FireFox these days, my one doesn't really like me for some reason, everytime I open it, it shuts down. So, I am stuck with Safari at the moment.


Cool thread. I had some questions about Firefox myself and they pretty much were answered about the extensions and all.