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Firefox help


what? no pink?
Does anybody know how to manually install such things like media experience and a few others that I can't think of for firefox? hehe.....sometimes with firefox there will be a video to watch and it says I need to install a certain software, when I do that it says I need to install it manually and I click on that and it says it's installed but it still doesn't work for me :mad:

so anyone know how to do this?


Secret Agent
Staff member
I've had that trouble too. It's most likely an issue with the current firefox support for these features. What I do is keep a shortcut for IE handy and for sites that require odd installs and whatnot.

I'm sure as FireFox is updated more this will become less of an issue.


what? no pink?
yes I do have an IE icon on my taskbar for just this reason, and that is the only reason that I use IE for. but it would be nice to have it working in firefox. I am at least glad that I am not the only one with this problem.

thanks Andrew : )