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Do any GFers use add-ons with their Firefox?

Currently I have;

4chan - Adds a few features to the site.

Adblock Plus - Removes ads from sites.

ChatZilla - Helps with the GF IRC chat.. Even though I forget how to get there now.. :D

Downloadhelper - Easily download Youtube videos and such.

DownThemAll - Let's you download multiple images on a page without having to select them all.

Ghostery - Identifies and allows you to block web bugs that are hidden on sites. (Most are just things like AdSense)

Googlepedia - Shows wikipedia articles on the right side of google searches.

Personas - Skins for your Firefox.

Screengrab - Save web-pages as images.

Speed Dial - Shows a grid of selected website when you open a new tab so you can choose them quickly.

WOT (Web Of Trust) - Shows a website's trustworthiness, vendor reliability, privacy, and child safety.
Googlepedia sounds good, I've never heard of that before. I use ReloadEvery and Personas. Oh and there's British English Dictionary for built in spell check.


the ones you see here:

and 2 more: TinyEye Reserve Image; Tree STyle Tab.
and countless themes
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I use adblock plus, firebug, formsaver, googlepedia, personas, skype extension for firefox, and streaming internet radio toolbar.
o-- Adblock Plus
o-- Download Helper
o-- Linkification

That's pretty much it. All I really need. =)


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I have NoScript, Adblock, Greasemonkey (with a ton of scripts), and DownThemAll.Firefox is so totally awesome. like I was on a bulletin board for one of my online classes at my college, and one of the topics was "what browser and why" and most people on there are nubs and are like "i use IE cause it came with my computer." I'm just like ...."psh." And no, I'm not a fanboy, because I like opera too, depending on what I'm doing. But IE just bugs. ANYWAY, this is going off topic.:shocked:


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I just have adblock I think. nothing too fancy. I have a different skin too if that counts. I used to have a little media player control panel that i could control my itunes with without having to switch windows, but i think that got infected by a virus or something, so i never downloaded it again.


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4chan - "Adds some obnoxious 4chan menus and other worthless features"

Adblock Plus - Blocks advertisements

British English Dictionary - Adds the British English dictionary to the built in spell checker

Converter - Converts currency, units and timezones

DownThemAll! - A mass downloader for Firefox. Can also function as a download accelerator when in use

FireShot - Essentially Print Screen on steroids. Lets you take a screenshot of an entire page; edit it; save it; print; copy to clipboard; send to external editor; or e-mail it

FoxyTunes - Lets you control any media player from FireFox. Also lets you control several web based players

Gmail Notifier - Tells you when you get an e-mail

Greasemonkey - Allows the use of user scripts

IE Tab - Lets you see how the page looks in Internet Explorer through Firefox

Java Quick Starter - I honestly don't lets Java programs load faster?

NoScript - Blocks Flash, Java and other plugins

StumbleUpon - Adds a StumbeUpon toolbar

Torbuton - Quickly and easily point Firefox to the Tor proxy

I did have a Battlefield Heroes updater add-on installed...but I recently removed that because I'm no longer playing it. Because I discovered that only the people willing to pay money for it get anything good.
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