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Fired for refusing flu shot


Free Spirit
Staff member
A pregnant nurse fearing another miscarriage refused to get a flu shot. She had already suffered through two miscarriages so I can't really blame her for being concerned. The health care facility she worked for didn't like it and fired her over it. I can understand their concern about her becoming ill and possibly spreading it to patients or other staff members. It is also their right to fire someone but I'm wondering if they should have? Couldn't they given her something more behind the scenes? What do you think?

Pregnant nurse fired for refusing flu shot - CBS News


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Well since flu shots usually give you the flu, I can't blame her.

The only time in my life I got a flu shot was the year I got the flu. I've never gotten the flu except the time I got the shot for it.

So yeah, she should be pissed off at this employer.


Registered Member
While technically it is safe - but ONLY for the flu shot itself - I wouldn't have gotten it either if I was pregnant. Now had they been pushing the flu mist I'd have been out of there so fast as that is the live virus and the shot is not. I'd think she should be sueing anytime now.


Trust me, I'm The Doctor.
It is well within the rights of a company, especially when they have health care workers, to require an employee to get a flu shot.

I know that all OB/GYN's strongly suggest a flu shot for pregnant women because the high fever that comes with the flu can cause the fetus to have developmental problems or miscarry.

She has no right to sue her employer because they reserve the right to require her to get a flu shot.