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Fire rages along New Jersey boardwalk


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SEASIDE PARK, N.J.A massive fire spitting fist-sized embers engulfed dozens of businesses along an iconic Jersey shore boardwalk Thursday, forcing workers to rip up stretches of walkway only recently replaced in the wake of Superstorm Sandy as they raced to contain the blaze's advance.

Fire rages along New Jersey boardwalk damaged by Sandy - CBS News
This sounds serious, so far 32 businesses have burned and the fire is still out of control. Must be heartbreaking to just get it repaired from Sandy's damage and now seeing it destroyed again. I hope no one is killed in this and they get it under control soon.
Governor Chris Christie has declared a state of emergency.

Christie declares state of emergency as fire tears through Jersey Shore boardwalk | The Raw Story
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Wow this really does look bad, and I very much agree with you on this Hilander, about how bad this is because of Sandy and now this. Wild fires are a very serious thing in this world. In the past two years I have experience 2 close to home, 1 of which that I got evacuated from my house.


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That's sad. Imagine how many of those businesses are the only income for their respective families. I hope they can all resume business quickly. Insurance is a wonderful thing.


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So very heartbreaking for everybody involved and for people who enjoy that boardwalk too.

Sounds like they needed to build that fire break long before they did. Guess they had no idea that it could spread so quickly. I suspect that if something like this had happened in the western states though, where MANY more people have experience with forest and wild fires, that somebody would have suggested a fire break much earlier in the day.


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Fire on boardwalk in New Jersey

When hurricane sandy happened it was very sad to watch what happened in New Jersey. Now their saying that fire that happened is because of it. Because of the destruction because of Sandy, shouldn't they have figured that it would have been dangerous to reopen without checking everything out first.
Its a shame that the boardwalk went up in flames. But wouldn't it have been better to check everything out first. This is just my opinion.