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Fire Fighting


Free Spirit
Staff member
With all the fires burning out west and seeing people dog tired I started thinking about all the times I had to fight fire. They wasn't as big as the ones burning out west but grueling work just the same.

The one that wore me out the most was when my neighbor caught his farm on fire. The fire department had been called but the idiots lost the keys to the fire truck. So it was up to just three of us to get it out. I don't know how many trips with buckets of water I made up a steep hill. I also at times was using a shovel to put it out with. One other person was doing the same while another guy was on a backhoe. Talking about a piece of machinery there so get your mind out of the gutter.haha Sorry, had to say that.

Several hours later when we finally got it out people from Job Corps showed up to help.

When that was over I felt so tired I couldn't move, I mean completely exhausted. But if we hadn't worked so hard it could have gotten into the National Forest.

Have you ever fought fire or had to deal with one?