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Fire department captain receives sexts from girl, 14


Free Spirit
Staff member
A fire captain has been turned in to police by his wife after she allegedly found explicit messages on his mobile phone from a 14-year-old.
The wife of Saul 'Abe' Fiszer from Houston, Texas found he had repeatedly called a number on his cell phone - so posed as him and texted it. Read More Here
I'm glad his wife caught him and turned him in to authorities. They found a lot of child porn on his computer which may get him 30 years, deserves it. I really don't see why someone would consider it a turn on looking at children being raped and abused, its just sick. Would you turn your spouse in if you caught them doing this? If you tried to get them help do you think they could change? Or once a pervert always a pervert.


Registered Member
If I had a spouse who did that, I would insist that we go to get her counseling (I would go to the first few sessions to make sure that the counselor was good, they talked about the right topic, etc). If she refused, I would probably go to the authorities. But I would definitely try to resolve things without prison time. I mean, it's my wife for crying out loud.


rainbow 11!
I would follow along with what wade said to a point. I would definitely push for professional help. I don't think I could be in a relationship with them after finding out, but I would try to help them. We actually somewhat talked about this in chat earlier. I think prison time would make it worse for the person and they would either do it again, or go further (actually committing sexual acts with a child as opposed to watching or texting) or being in prison would kill them.

I am glad the wife put a stop to it, I just hope they are able to help him... I am admittedly ignorant on the topic, I am not sure if you can be "cured" or just gain control. Or.. Whatever it is.