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Fine for not locking your car?


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This Philadelphia suburb is considering a fine for people who don't lock their cars.

Philly Suburb Considers Fining Those Who Don't Lock Cars | NBC Philadelphia

Seems like instead of going after theives it is easier and more profitable to fine their victims. That would be like putting rape victims in jail for unlawful carnal knowledge.

Instead of wasting valuable police time fighting crime, use that time finding unlocked cars and fine people for not locking them! Is this a good idea?


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Prevention can be better than cure. If this scheme is a success, it should in theory give the police more time to fight crime and at the same time hopefully less of it.


Not a good idea. Even if the car is locked, chances are it might still be stolen. There's nothing you can do when there are professional car-thieves around.


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Even though what Bananas says can be true, I still think that this scheme isn't a good idea. If people don't want to lock their cars then that's their choice, and if they want their car stolen, that's their call.


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From what I've heard, there's a somewhat similar law around here; if you start your car and then go inside (for instance, if you wanted to warm it up on a cold day, or if you forgot something inside), it's illegal.

That I understand much more, since it's a lot easier for thieves than merely leaving it unlocked, and it requires a conscious choice on your part to go out and start your car, then leave it running. It's easy to forget to lock your car.


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Even though I think it could help prevent a little bit of crime I still think this is a stupid idea. If people are too lazy to lock their cars, then that's their choice. Let their stuff get stolen.

I always laugh when I read the local police beat and hear about stuff like golf clubs, laptops, iPods, wallets with lots of cash and credit cards, etc, getting stolen out of unlocked cars. How dumb are people?


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Cripes, another dumbass idea somebody thought up!
This is ridiculous...like someone mentioned, even if you do lock up your car, if somebody wants in it bad enough, they're gonna find a way~
I thought we lived in the free country??
Some places in my area, have made it a law that you can't smoke in your car while your car is sitting in the parking lot on the plant grounds.
What's next??
Maybe they'll start handing out fines for people who carry around frowns.


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This fine is disgusting. You should not ever have to be obligated to protect yourself from a**es. It is putting the blame on you instead of where it squarely belongs--on the theif! Please quit being brainwashed by this crap.
I really get riled at the "blame the victim" mindset, GRRRRRRRRRRRRRR.
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This could be an insurance industry driven law, the fine would probably impact the drivers insurance premiums creating a bigger profit for the insurer.


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In all honesty, what bothers me the most is allowing the police to spot check these cars. I have enough trust issues with law enforcement to know that this would really, really bother me. I don't need some shmuck high on his perceived power as an officer, digging through my car. If I don't lock it, I deserve to be robbed. Especially since this is taking place in a high crime neighborhood.