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its an okay movie. the storyline was good. i loved the adventure that it took you in.. it would be like the same thing in real life, except for the whole ocean thing. lol. at 1st when i heard about it, i thought it was only for like 6 year olds. but then when i finally got convinced to watch it, it was pretty good. it wasnt that childish and somehow it was sort of funny. lol.

Anonym0uz Bitch

I actually liked Finding Nemo, though one of my ex's forced me to watch it.


I liked this movie too. It's one of those movies that the whole family can enjoy. It may not be for everyone but it at least tries to be. For me being a girl, I would definitely say that it is cute and funny kind of movie.


A Darker Knight
I liked it up until the fourth or fifth time I watched it. The story was great, and I like how it opened with the barracuda attack.
I liked it, it was some trippy shit haha.

I got into the story tho, had me all emotional over some fish lmao


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It wasn't that bad, I didn't expect to be an amazing movie, but I wasn't desapointed, but I won't watch it again that's for sure.