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No idea?

I'd rather just go out to a club or with friends rather than look online. Why don't you try hitting the local scene? It's easier to get to know someone that way.


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Personally, I don't think any romantic relationship that doesn't take place in the real world at all isn't really a relationship. You may meet someone online and then meet up and maybe find happiness but the social interaction is important.
I'm in a online relation-ship and everything is going perfect!!!!, You just need alot of patience(To wait and meet up) and Trust( You gotta trust them when saying their going out and only to town per se , You gotta trust them that their not with someone else :) . And also ACTION if you disagree with something, You better get off your ass and do something, don't just go cry in a dark corner, Talk with your parther, Tell them how you feel and sort things straight to save your relationship--------------*Damn enter button*---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- But my question is............How long did you know this person?
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Im now in a internet relationship, and yeah they do work?
Got to be honest from the outset though.
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Dating sites can be a good tool for finding people with similar interests in your area so you can meet in person and go from there. Is that what you mean by internet dating? Otherwise I don't really see the point in having a relationship over the internet.


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its very hit or miss. You could find someone thats amazing or someone in the lower end of the spectrum. My mom found someone and the were great for a while but it didnt work out in the end. But it might work for others