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Finally Got A Job!


Registered Member
Good news, everyone! I finally got a job at HEB in Friendswood as a bagger.:D For almost three years I had been searching for a job and came close to nearly losing hope. It may not be permanent, but it's better than nothing until I can get my big thing started.


needs practice
Congratulations, I wish you well in your search for a meaningful career. A fellow recent graduate I too had trouble finding a job but now I'm in a great company and industry that I hope to make a name and reputation for myself.

When you find a permanent gig don't forget to update with the good news!


Well-Known Member
What does HEB stand for?

And good for you Penny! You seem really excited about this.

Tell us more about your "big thing" too, that sounds exciting.


Registered Member
HEB stands for "Here Everything's Better." My big thing is getting my webcomic online. I don't know when, but I hope to get my story online soon, depending on my work schedule.


Free Spirit
Staff member
Congratulations penny on your new job. It can be hard to find one. I hope your web comic works out too.


I'm serious
Congrats Penny. That is great news and hopefully the start of awesome things to come. Good luck as well. New jobs takes some settling in to, but I'm sure you will!


Better Call Saul
Staff member
Congratulations on the job and good luck moving forward with your other project.


Son of Liberty
HEB stands for Howard E. Butt, son of the founder who took over the store. HEB is a privately held grocery store chain, it's the 25th largest retailer in the US. I love HEB and shop there often. Congrats Penny, I've actually been to the one in Friendswood.


Registered Member
Well done Penny! It must feel great to have a job after 3 years. Good luck with your webcomic, onwards and upwards :)