PC Games Final Warhammer Online Trailer (Too awesome for words)

Discussion in 'Video Games' started by Ds136, Aug 16, 2006.

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    ... Trailers have little bearing on the actual game, and the only reason I watched the trailer was because I confused it with Warhammer 40k.

    Probably just another fantasy MMO, that repeats many problems of all the others that have come before with little to no new/original material.

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    I never said the trailer had any relation to how the game would be , but the trailer is just really awesome to watch.

    And it isn't just another fantasy MMO, and it actually quite a lot of original ideas and material.
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    Ahh... I just always judged how cool a "trailer" by how good it makes me expect the game to be. The trailer isn't that inspiring for an MMO, because I expect... I dunno... things other than combat, perhaps even teamwork...

    Feel free to name the original ideas and link to the relevant sites for each.

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    it was team work to launch an orc out of the catapult =P

    the trailer attracts ppl to an MMO by showing 1v1 fights because it appeals to people wanting to be heros and like that last line of defense, type of thing where they matter.

    original ideas:
    Region quests
    capturing opposing enemies main city
    Collision detection
    Collecting skulls from your enemy to decorate your armor
    As your character levels the visibly change (ie dwarfs get longer more intense beards, orcs get really big and bulky) its a new way to work a "con" system

    they have lots of new takes on ideas, lot of their own ideas. I can't really provide links for them because it would take me forever to find them. Alot fo this is from interviews, and stuff.
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    Just gonna point out that Warhammer is the game Warhammer 40k was based off of. If you're looking for a game version of Warhammer 40k, Dawn of War and Dawn of War: Winter Assault may be more what you're looking for, although admittedly they aren't MMOs like this.
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    I've been playing a good bit of DoW: WA lately, so that was why "Warhammer" peaked my interest.

    DS136: Link, please?

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