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Final Thoughs Death Note [Spoilers]


Registered Member
I just finished this series today. Vegito recommended it to me a few weeks back. I checked it out I heard good things about it it was in a lot of people's top ten anime lists. Even though the mystery and psyche genre is not really my thing I did enjoy the show. I am going to get specific so I am going to put spoiler tags up. I will then give my final conclusion outside the tags.

Well first off I was very intrigued by the series. The battle between L and Light to say the least was a bit of a thrill ride. I also began to see a slow transformation of Light. Initially he seemed like a good guy but after a few episodes I found his views were warped and I was rooting for L to capture Light. When L died I lost interest in the show.
I had some problems with the series heres a list of a few things that stood out.
  1. No good female leads. Misa was probably one of the most annoying female characters in an anime. And none of the other ones got much air time. Probably one few animes I have seen a where I didnt like one of the female characters.
  2. Many of the characters I didn't like too much. L and Ryuuk were probably my favorite characters. I began to hate Light and I honestly couldn't care less about characters dying or living. Once L died I lost al ot of interest in the series.
  3. Sometimes with the rules of the Death note and the plans each of the characters would make. Mello and Near towards the end I was slightly confused. For example if two people write the same name in the death note won't that person not die? Takesada at the end the female spokesperson for Kira both Mikami and Light wrote her name in separate notebooks but she still died.
  4. I did not like how it jumped like 5 years into the future. It would have been better if Mello and Near continued the Kira investigation right where it left off
I also did not like how halfway during the series Light has it set up so he discards the Death Note. It felt like the series reset itself. It irritated me almost like a cop out when the walls were closing in on Light. Light would do anything to not get caught and sometimes it surprised me what measures he would take. I was also confused by the amount of Death Notes in the world.

I thought this series was good but it could have been better. It isn't going to get in my top ten because after a good start I thought it got a bit off-track. The story was intriguing but the characters weren't very likable. L didn't get as much screen time as I would have liked. At times the series was slightly confusing and many times Light seemed invisible. It seemed like he would never get caught or that he had no flaws in any of his plans...it's hard to believe he was able to continue his reign as Kira as long as he did with the top sleuths in the world after him.
Overall I thought this series was a 6.5/10. It had its moments where it was intriguing and gripping and moments where it was very dull. i would recommend this series but I do not think I would ever watch it twice.