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Super Nintendo Final Fantasy


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Which is the best Final Fantasy on the SNES Platform

FF4 (2 in U.S.)
FF5 (Not released in U.S.)
FF6 (3 in U.S.)

I enjoyed 4 the best.


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FFIV was okay, not really my favorite. i've never played FFV; it wasn't released in the US until later under Final Fantasy Anthology for the PS which had both FFV & FFVI (and then they recently re-released it again for the GBA along with FFVI). as for FFVI, i've played it and loved it, it's probably my favorite FF game of all time =)


The White Wolf
Ouch, this is a tough 'un for me, well let's see, IMO, all three had great stories, IV and VI had great characters, V had the Job system, which I luuuurve, bah! VI, followed closely by V.


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Hands down... Final Fantasy 3/6 is my fav on the SNES. The ghost train, the floating continent.... ohhh the opera. Figaro.:D


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Final Fantasy 2 (iv in japan) is the last final Fantasy I completed (currently working on DS remakes, still havent finished them though)


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never played ont he SNES, only on the PLaystation, I loved the 7th one.

Just to let you know.


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I hated 7, too many cut sceens... 20 minutes before actually getting to play the game killed it, then you only got to play a short while before more cut sceens, this is a videogame, not a movie (something that bugs me about alot of games nowadays)


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Yeah, Square switched over to Sony during FFVII's development, that's why it has the "bubbly" graphics that most of the N64 games have, as it was originally slated to be a N64 game.
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