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Final Fantasy XIII-2, Versus XIII and Type-0


Haters gonna hate.
MAJOR announcements out of Square Enix yesterday...

http://www.joystickdivision.com/2011/01/final_fantasy_continues_with_b.php said:
Final Fantasy Continues with Big Square Enix Announcements

Square Enix had a big morning yesterday during its 1st Production Department event held in Japan. While us Yanks were sleeping peacefully through the night, the Land of the Rising Sun was bombarded with more Final Fantasy news than you can shake a golden chocobo feather at.

For those wanting to hear the latest on Final Fantasy's Fabula Nova Crystallis series (those games set in the world of FFXIII), this was an important day for you.

First up is the fact that Final Fantasy XIII-2 actually exists and it's releasing much sooner than you may have expected. While the registration of a domain name for the title sent up flags about a week ago, producer Yoshinori Kitase was on hand at yesterday's event to confirm the game's existence. Even better is the fact XIII-2 is actually set to release in Japan this year with an English version slated for "next winter."

The folks behind the Kingdom Hearts series have been M.I.A. for a while due to their involvement in the spinoff title Final Fantasy Versus XIII and, during the 1st Production Department event, a new trailer was shown to highlight their efforts and remind everyone that, yes, they still exist and, yes, their game is still coming out.

Finally, we reported a couple weeks ago about a mysterious new trademark filed by Square Enix for "Final Fantasy Type-0." Speculating that the trademark might refer to an all new game or perhaps a remake of the original Final Fantasy, it turns out this is actually the new title for what was formerly known as "Final Fantasy Agito XIII," a PSP game with magical cards serving as a backbone for the new combat engine. Type-0 is set to release in Japan this Summer, so expect to finally get your hands on that one stateside sometime later this year.
And here is the ENGLISH trailer for Final Fantasy XIII-2:

YouTube - Final Fantasy XIII-2 Trailer (UK)


Formerly "Maikeru"
Awesome, someone else is excited for it ^^

Versus XIII gameplay trailer- YouTube - Final Fantasy Versus XIII High Quality Trailer

I love the gameplay variety.

Also for the fans, the Fabula nova crystalis mythos summarized:

Once upon a time, a god ruled the world. He was called Buniberzei.

Buniberzei defeated his mother, the goddess Muin, and took control of the world for himself.

Muin disappeared into the unseen world--the invisible world.

Buniberzei was a god with many troubles.

The world, it was certain, was destined to die.

He believed this was a curse laid on the world by his mother Muin. Buniberzei knew he had to destroy her.

To do this, he must search for the door. The door to the invisible world where his mother waited.

Using his will alone, he created the first fal’Cie.

First, he created fal’Cie Pulse.

The duty he laid on him was to open the world, and search for the door to Muin.

Next, he created fal’Cie Etro.

But it was a mistake. Unknowingly, he created her exactly in the image of Muin.

Buniberzei feared her, and gave Etro no power of her own.

Instead, he created fal’Cie Lindzei.

The duty he laid on him was to protect Buniberzei from all who might seek to destroy him.

Buniberzei gave Lindzei one special duty. To wake him once the time came.

Then he turned to crystal, and fell into an endless sleep.

Pulse wished to expand the world, so he created many fal’Cie and l’Cie.

Lindzai wished to protect the world, so he created many fal’Cie and l’Cie.

But Etro was powerless, and could do nothing of her own.

Lonely, she thought of her mother, who she so resembled.

Etro tore at her body, letting her blood flow to the earth, and disappeared from the visible world.

From that blood, torn from her body, sprung humankind.

Creatures that were born, only to die.

The destruction of the visible world was no curse, only fate.

The world was divided into two halves, the visible and the invisible.

If the balance between these two were destroyed, the world itself would be destroyed.

The goddess Muin could do nothing to stop this fate.

She was being swallowed into the chaos of the invisible world.

Just before her last moment, Etro came to her side.

Muin told Etro that she must protect the balance of the world, before slipping into the chaos forever.

But Etro was foolish, and didn’t know the meaning behind Muin’s words.

Etro was lonely, but she felt affection for those humans who live only to die.

As they died, she smiled, and gave them chaos.

The chaos Etro gave them, the humans named “heart”.

Their hearts would become their power, but the humans did not yet know this.

Soon, they called Pulse the all powerful ruler. Lindzei they named their protector, and Etro... Etro the named ‘death’.

The humans lived on the world, hold chaos inside them.

Because they held chaos so close, the world once again was in balance.

And Buniberzei still sleeps. A crystal.

Until the end of forever...

By Lissar
FFXIII prologue- -Dilly Dally, Shilly Shally-Lissar's Translations: Final Fantasy XIII: Episode Zero

FFXIII epilogue- -Dilly Dally, Shilly Shally-Lissar's Translations: Final Fantasy XIII: Episode i

Im guessing by the teaser and FFXIII epilogue Lightning is trapped in the realm of goddess Etro after leaving searching for a way of freeing Fang and Vanille, that would explain her new Paladin armor. There is a rumor that the dark knight is Cid Raines, which was believed to be dead, and now possible in the gate of Etro, the guardian of souls.
Just a theory, its going to be a long wait till the first famitsu scan.
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Formerly "Maikeru"

New famitsu interview:

sorry for the poor English, blame google =p

Highlights for me:

Lightning will be a l'cie again, but this time she can choose her Focus, as well as the ability to travel through different worlds;

Everything from the weapons to costumes will fit the new atmosphere;

The mysterious Knight is also a man of equal power to lightning set on a similar mission. Lightning will face a very conflicting choice.

Lightning is kneeling in front of an Altar, that Altair represents a very important figure which Like Lightning in XIII, and Noctis in Versus XIII, are standing on a chair\Throne;

The team is working intensively on this project, the world will feel much more alive with homes and people in bigger abundance, also the traveling system has been changed.

● [ XIII-2 ] is drawn in [ FFXIII ] the truth of the miracle - "What got people have rebelled against God,"

- [ FFXIII-2 ] production has been announced, please tell me the circumstances was to be developed.

Toriyama [ FFXIII ] bought us from everyone in the world, is the primary reason is that a lot of you who want a sequel. In addition, we own, feeling that there was a lightning draw more people. "Does lightning really became happy?" No doubt was left that the ending of the previous work. This time, I want to want a firm conclusion.

- Looking Imejibijuaru, it seems to have changed the atmosphere of the Lightning.

Toriyama on the Lightning, "get a second life" has become an important theme that is. Is it going to be alive for the Lightning, because it is the theme. The entire story, "What got people disobeyed God?", "People caught it wrong?" I put up that shaft.

- What's the story starts after the ending of the previous game?

Toriyama : Yes, yes. [ Episode i ] (※ Xbox 360 version [of FFXIII ] was prepared as a newly written story of the first purchase award. which depicts the feelings of the Lightning and his friends after ending) the contents of [ XIII-2 ] Prologue当Tarimasu to. [ FFXIII ] the right one, fight it? Miracle happened and what was the last? We will be approaching it. Details are secret, until now recognized, it would be overturned at the beginning.

- I will care. By the way, [ Episode i ] does [ FFXIII ] will be drawn back into their lives during their camp. The journey this time, only one or Lightning? The purpose of the trip, what to look for ways to help fellow former Fang and vanilla?

Toriyama that was saved by the two victims, it has become the emotional wounds of all. Of course, as well as lightning, are also drawn with the previous state of his friends holding up their wounds. So many new characters appeared in more, please stay tuned for further news.

- [ FFX-2 ], such as singing and dancing in the direction of the Lightning is so that (laughs).

Kitase [ X-2 ], in which case "Blow Keru" because there was a theme that (laughs). This is a serious direction.

Toriyama Lacking the Fang and vanilla, it starts from the world of Cocoon also fallen state, the story is really just like the peaceful I'm not. [ FFXIII ] than I think more dark and mysterious side.

▲ "to get a second life" of Lightning. Her new journey, something like?
The Lightning got a new power ●, travel to new worlds!

- [ Episode i ] at the end, but I like wandering the world of darkness, Lightning becomes a stage What's new adventure here.

Toriyama A key stage [ FFXIII ] and it can differ. The [ FFXIII ] world of, you come out in some way.

Kitase mythology, the world Buniberuze visible, but was told that Muin is invisible to the world, and you could possibly get involved in the story around it.

Toriyama [ FFXIII ] The story was part of God, that focused on the pulse and Linse, this takes the form where this involves Etro.

- Lightning is another l'cie (※ [ FFXIII ] in that the chosen people. instead assume the mission, and will be able to summon and magic) like I'm lost power.

Toriyama Maybe there really becoming more than l'cie (laughs).

- Amazing than all!? Sure, the sexiest Although previous work-up (laughs).

Toriyama Yeah (laughs). Exposure may be raised, like its predecessor, the elegance and nobility are important to. The atmosphere of the costumes, fantasy now than it predecessor, it is also designed to suit and weapons.

- PV works with Lightning, the dances were scattered feathers?

Toriyama had used in previous work as much as a rose motif, as the image of God than the existence approached, and choose feather.

- Along with new characters and look like angels and demons as well.

Toriyama Well, what an angel is which is which devil (laughs). This time, the Lightning has a new mission, he will be in conflict with its mission Ue. The man is a hero fight for equal Lightning saved the world and is a strong character.

- The Lightning, which was also impressive figure kneeling in front of things like altar.

Toriyama That is not a chair on the altar. It is one of those which have important implications. "Fabula Nova Crystallis" When the gun work was published, [ XIII ] and [ Verusasu XIII are sitting in a chair] image of their hero was released CG. Again as a symbol, has taken the chair.

Lightning knees toward the chair ▲. Who Will a chair?
- By the way ... and have previous data, there is a good thing?

Toriyama is under consideration, of course. I think something付Ketai.

- To be released in early 2011 it was surprised. I want to look at the screen and battle field screen soon.

Toriyama previous work has kept you waiting so very long, so you play with this new product as soon as possible, is under intensive production. Besides the development period for the previous comments and you, the most of newly-evolved a variety of factors, will be reflected. Systems as well as travel, I have radically changed from the previous work made. Every corner of the world, home to many people, I make a living world. The new style of RPG, I think I can show you. Please stay tuned for further news.

Kitase did last year, but the reservoir had the power stage, this year, see the zero type FF ], [ FFXIII-2 ] is released. Because the information would come out in succession, please wait until the launch while many imagine. Both the two works, thank you support.


Now versus XIII

HD trailer

YouTube - FINAL FANTASY Versus XIII Trailer 2011

Freaking sweet.


Since I am a massive consumer whore for the Final Fantasy series, I am going to buy both games in all likely hood. I've been interested in Versus XIII since it was announced, but I really question if we need a direct sequel to XIII. I mean, it's not like X-2 was a rip-roaring success, but oh well. Shit happens. I doubt it will be that bad.


Haters gonna hate.
Since I am a massive consumer whore for the Final Fantasy series, I am going to buy both games in all likely hood. I've been interested in Versus XIII since it was announced, but I really question if we need a direct sequel to XIII. I mean, it's not like X-2 was a rip-roaring success, but oh well. Shit happens. I doubt it will be that bad.
If anything it will improve on XIII. I may have to play through XIII again to appreciate XIII-2.


Formerly "Maikeru"
You will have to read the Episode 1 novel to know where XIII-2 starts from.


Where is my Queen?
Not going to touch anything that has Final Fantasy XIII on it. I was very disappointed with the game, but did have a good story and graphics, but other than that the game was to damn linear for FF.


Formerly "Maikeru"
Not going to touch anything that has Final Fantasy XIII on it. I was very disappointed with the game, but did have a good story and graphics, but other than that the game was to damn linear for FF.
They are all different games, different worlds. XIII-2, type.0 and versus XIII are not exactly linear.


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I was pretty surprised that they decided to do another "-2" game, but I guess with the reception that Final Fantasy XIII got in the West might have had something to do with it (or not, since I think it still did well in Japan).

However Versus XIII is really peaking my interest. I have been a fanboy of the Kingdom Hearts series since the first game released, and the director's signature combat system is making its way into a more adult, enriched Final Fantasy world. And speaking of the world - "A fantasy based in reality"? Thank the Lord.