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Movies Final Fantasy VII: Advent children



I must say, This looks really really good. I mean to say, someone let me watch it and it was really really good.

I didn't know too much about FF7 at the time, yet this movies graphics, plot, and battles had me enticed greatly into it.
That means that you don';t have to know FF to have this be an awesome movie. It just is.

Also, The graphics are probably the most amazing seen yet. I highly suggust this movie.



Problematic Shitlord
Re: Final Fantasy VIII: Advent children

Final Fantasy VIII Advent Children? O rly?

I'd have to agree. Although, I'd say more of a 9.0/10, it wasn't perfect, but it was worth the wait.


Forum Drifter
I guess you don't HAVE to have played the game, but trust me, it helps lol.

This is an awesome movie and I can't count how many times I've watched it. I love it. I get goosebumps everytime Aeris is onscreen lol.

Also, Sephiroth is still my favorite character of all time.


Registered Member
Well I would say you have to play the game are have played it some. I love the movie Vincent is awesome but that is nothing unusual. <D


If you havent' played the game, it makes very little sense, although it's still worth watching as just a graphical accomplishment.


I loved it. I would give 9/10. I still think some things could have been better.


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I loved it as a huge fan of Final Fantasy 7. The action only got more intense as things moved forward and the battles on the bikes were great. The story was a little hard to follow, but if you are a fan of the game that doesn't matter as they will explain it for you eventually if you can't catch on. Everything Final Fantasy Spirits Within should have been and more.


I got more then I bargained for, no doubt about it. I expected this to be a load of hype. I think the greatest move they made here, was focousing on the action scenes rather then creating an all new lame ass story. This was a pretty cool development. It took gfx affects and CG to a whole new level.

btw: does anyone know where I can download new subs. the ones i have are in japanese. =(

A.M. Radio

Well, what can I say about all these good reviews? I mean, I agree that it's graphically an amazing film. All the grays and whites used really helped create the proper atmosphere. And the movie was full of good, funny moments. However, graphic superiority means nothing to me. A movie is alot more then simply "a look." If looks were everything, Manos the Hands of Fate had a more unique "look" then most of the films made in the sixties.

Funny moments are are always entertaining. However, the wit was never the problem. Neither was the atmosphere. Basically, it is the story and the character development where the movie failed. With the movie lacking in plot and decent character development (and, well, decent characters. Afterall, most of my favorite FFVII characters have less then five minutes of screen time) it really makes it all the more disappointing. Because with the great graphics, sharp wit, and involving atmosphere, you are set up to expect more. At least I was. A long, climatic battle should never be ended so quickly.

The only characters that get the time of day in the movie are Cloud, Tifa, Vincent, and the Turks. And if that's not enough, they bring in all the characters just so they can say "Okay, we brought them in. Now let's get back to the over long action sequence." I'm not a fan of long action sequences, especially when the resolution is just a quick finish. Something that they never set up for properly.

There is nothing in this movie for anyone, except people who are happy just seeing pretty pictures and explosions.


Problematic Shitlord
Wait, so you're doubting the film because your favorite characters do not have sufficient parts? That's a bit ignorant. Also, Cloud is the main character, thus we get the most character development of him. Besides, FFVII was roughly 45 hours long if played through to the end and did a few sidequests along the way and trained enough to stay on top of things. The movie is 1 hour and a half. You realize that the movie would have to be like 4 hours at least to come close to a scale of how much went on in the game.