3ds Final Fantasy IV


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it comes out tomorrow (JULY 22) I was wondering what you all thought of this game. I was thinking of buying it but I wasnt sure how the game was


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the origional was good(from what iv heard) i was gonna buy this game, but i spent some of the money i was gonna use to buy it to go see batman =) lol


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I won't be able to play the DS version. What are they updating/adding to it?

I would like to say that the original is great. It's not the best FF (that title belongs to 6 and 7), but it's still a really entertaining game. The characters are mostly cool, the music is really fitting, and the plot does the trick.


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I'm playing it right now, I'll give you the update in a few hours. So far, it's well designed and the voice acting is perfect.


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The game is pretty solid and the voice acting is great. I'm only about an hour in, but I'm being drawn in already.