Wii Final Fantasy creator to make "The Last Story"


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Some time last year, Nintendo filed a trademark or something for...well, back then, it was just something. The only hint of what it could be was that it was titled The Last Story. We now know what it is...or rather have an idea of what it is.

The Last Story will be a collaboration between Nintendo and Mistwalker, the studio owned by Final Fantasy creator Hironobu Sakaguchi, who's previous works under this studio include Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon . Apparently, this is to be a new form of RPG, and will revolve around "universal feelings held by people," whatever that means.

But from what we can see from the title and image, it's not hard to speculate that this may end up to be somewhat similar to Final Fantasy. The name shares a similarity, and the situation is also somewhat similar to when Final Fantasy was released. In any case, a developer blog is expected sometime in March. For now, we can only stare at the website...which doesn't contain much besides Japanese text and some nice music.

Source: The Escapist & Andriasang


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I'll defintiely be interested in following the progress of this game...thanks for posting about it, Storm.


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xD Well i do think its going to be good. Lost Odyssey and blue Dragon were very good games.

But he could have been a bit more original, even the logo is similar to the FF series.


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So, we now have some concept art and a little bit of info about the story.

Joystiq said:
The first details about Mistwalker's mysterious Wii RPG The Last Story have been released, in the form of a blog entry on Nintendo's Last Story site. The game takes place on Ruri Island, which, as home to a necessary harbor, has become a wealthy and important city. The affluent island is run by "Lord Arganon," a power-hungry ruler who is well-versed in magic. If we had to guess, we'd say he's going to be the villain.

We still have yet to see real screens or footage of The Last Story, but the blog entry includes concept art of the island, which is quite lovely.
You can find the details here...if you can read Japanese.