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Sony Final Fantasy 7 or Kingdom Hearts

Which game do you think is better or you like more?

  • Final Fantasy 7

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  • Kingdom Hearts

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What game do you like more or think is better? In my opinion I think Final Fantasy 7 is better. Because of the characters andthe story and the movie in a way lol.


l 7SIN Sasori l
I like Final Fantasy 7 because there were no voices in them and the characters were only depicted by there speech(type).

When thrown in to KH like they were, they completly ruined the tone set in FF7. Voices can make or break a character, want a Sephy with a squeky voice? I think not...


Problematic Shitlord
It's kind of an unfair comparison. They were great in different ways and had their own styles. I'd like to think FF7 though.


Easily FF7. The games really aren't even in the same league IMO.


Forum Drifter
FFVII. There is no comparison.


FFVII>Stupid Keyblades, nightmares and dreams


It depends on the type of gamer you really are.

If you like the entire Rpg genre of being able to interact with the characters attributes and basing strategy through an entire world to end evil. Then Final Fantasy 7 and the rest of the series.

If you like to actually drama and the disney world, then Kingdom Hearts is your way to go.

Myself personally, I enjoyed both games. FF series would 10x times better off if they would have kept a similar conjunction system of materia, that was pure ownage.

Only thing in Kingdom Hearts that I found to be rather annoying, was the whole keyblade being your main weapon and abilities along with it. Wheres the variety?


They are somewhat different categories, if I feel more like real time battle, Kingdom Hearts is better, if I feel like ATB, FF7 would be the best. As for storyline, characters, and such, I like FF7 the most.


Wow, this is a difficult choice.. Both of these games were innovative towards the RPG world. FF7 was the game that actually got me obsessed with video games, and turned me into an anime otaku. Kingdom Hearts was simply an amazing game that dazzled me during every moment I was playing it. I really cannot choose, so I shall not.


Problematic Shitlord
Wow, way to revive an ancient thread.

Although I believe FF7 was a bit overrated, I still liked it a lot. It's definitely 1 or 2 on my list of favorite FF games. Kingdom Hearts was a great game, but there was just more depth and things to do and discover in FF7.