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Movies Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children



Saw this movie with english subs its a CGI film by Square Enix. What I have to say about this movie is that its technologically the best rendered movie I have ever seen. The story is shaky, but if your familiar with final fantasy 7 it will bring you back to them days. Any ways if you've seen it speak on it if not try to catch it if you can.

Holla back


I watched the subbed version when it was released back in September (Thank you internet...).

Haven't watched the dub yet. Not sure if I'd like american voices of the characters. Movie was by far everything I expected and more. Loved every bit of it. Might even get the OST.


i watched it the thursday before it was released i work at a video rental store so i have the option to do that

it was pritty good i liked the bits with reno and rude they were funny at times

also the battles were well done and its very well animated

also liked the voice acting for the english track


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Ya there was already a thread like this. But I watched it last week and thought it was amazing after waiting 4 years for the movie. And it was worth it.