Final Fantasy 7:Advent Children



Anyone see it yet? Because i have, and it is one of the best movies i have seen in a long time by FAR. And if you have seen it, would you tell me your best part in the movie and why? my favorite part in the movie is when they show sephiroth in flames with the awesome graphics.


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I have it but haven't watched it yet. Waiting for the english one to come out. But i'm pretty excited about watching it go Vincent.:)


Unfortunately, I have watched it before the American release too... Still awesome though. Too bad Zack died.. If he was fighting in this movie it would be awesomer. Sephiroth cannot lose...
The animation was absolutely amazing in AC. I'd have to say, tagged along with Final Fantasy 7; one of the best movies that have come out lately, especially movies devoted to video games. (Easily by far the best)


Movie was pretty good can't wait to get it in english :D


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I love this movie. Best video game movie by far.

My favorite part was the Sephiroth VS Cloud battle. Sephiroth FTW! I love him.
The visuals are very impressive. One of the first movies to live up to the hype it's generated before release. It could have been a little better story wise, but I really can't complain. Like SOAD said it's probably "the best CG ever".


babies, waiting for the american version to come out =P, i watched all of evangelion in japanese and ill put it this way, 12 hours of english reading does numbers on the eyes -.0