Final Fantasy 11 online!


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I think that this game, even though it is like 7 years old; that it has AMAZING graphics for an MMORPG. I know that it totally beats up WOW in graphics, and I love the community way better on this game.

I think the problem with this game is that the game is so old, that like 95% of the players are the highest level possible. This makes it so that there is no sense of accomplishment to get level 75. Also it makes it very hard to make money.

I think they could do a couple different things here to fix this.

1. would be to make a bran new server so that everyone would start out at level 1 again. Obviously it would be the players choice if they want to join it. They could advertise it, and i'm sure plenty would join just to have a fresh start with the FFXI economy and stuff.

2. They could make Final Fantasy 13 online! With totally new world, monsters, and redo the whole characters creation so that the characters are more customizable. Maby change up the stat distribution so that players can choose there own stats as they level to totally individualize there job.

Final Fantasy totally rocks as a MMORPG, and I really don't want to see it go down becasue the developers refuse to fix it. :shake:
I never played Final Fantasy 11 before. Is it like WoW in where it's super easy to level and players never heard of the term "level grin" or "grinding" before? Ex: In EverQuest it'll take you at least 6 months to get fully leveled if you play on average. Of course you have your addicted fanatics who'll get it in two months playing almost 24/7 it seems. I love these types of games since it takes you almost forever to get to the highest destination. Meanwhile, you can do other things besides leveling: cooking, alchemy, armory, ect...

I'm just curious because it seems like a lot of newer MMORPGs are making it easier to level up on instead of the good ol' grind in past MMORPGs.


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Umm... You can get level 1-10 in 10 hours. You can get 1-20 in a weekend with no sleep. You can get 1-30 if you play 10 hours a night.

The highest level is 75.

The nice thing is, you can level as many jobs as you want.. So your one character can be a level 75 samaurai, and a level 20 ranger.

The problem is everyone is level 75 lol.

yes there are lots of crafts. There is ALOT to do also. PK isnt aloud though which I kinda wish were changed.