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Atari final Death-throws of ATARI


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Atari running out of quarters? - PC News at GameSpot

the company formerly know as Infrogrames looks like its going to be tanking pretty soon.

Publisher expresses "substantial doubt" about its own future in belated earnings filing; revenues shrink to $10M as losses rise to $12M

Now the publisher isn't sure if this is a slide from which it can recover. Last month Atari announced a change to an existing line of credit. However, in its just-filed report for the first quarter of its fiscal year 2008, Atari said the maximum amount it can borrow through the agreement won't even provide the funding it needs to make it through the current holiday season. Atari management is looking for additional financing, though by the company's own account, there's no guarantee it will materialize.


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Atari hasn't really had anything super successful in the past several years. I'm not surprised to hear that they are in trouble. Can't say I will enjoy watching them go down though. They've done a ton for the gaming industry and deserve a better way out than this.

I'd like to see them stay in business and put out new games that take people by storm. What are some of their recent hits? I haven't paid too much attention to them lately but I haven't seen their name come up much.


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Honestly, I don't think I've heard of them since Infrogames acquired the name. Sadly Atari has been reduced to a failing brand now. It will never be worth anything in the future unless acquired by a big name company that decides to slap it on a worthwhile new console.


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Most of the recent Atari games weren't very good, though, or were just collections of classics? I can see why they're going under, but I'd still like to see them absorbed by a bigger studio or published, maybe even Egay.