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Films you can watch again and again


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My copy of Room arrived over the weekend and I am currently re-watching it. In total I have seen the film 5 times since it came out. Twice at the cinema, once now on DVD and another two times on not so legal ways. There are other films I have done this with but given that this film only came out in this country this year this is quite a few times.

So a couple of questions;

Do you tend to watch films more than once or do you just watch them and not watch them again?

What makes you watch a film so many times?

Which films have you watch over and over?


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I'm usually fine with rewatching movies, unless I wasn't a fan watching it the first time.

The ones I like watching over and over are usually:
- weird, oddly-filmed, or confusing (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Primer)
- ones with great stories or "classics" (American History X, The Departed)
- my favorite comedies or bad movies I find funny (Just Friends, Tremors)


I rewatch movies heaps. There's some films I've probably seen 20 or 30 times. I often pay to see films at the cinema multiple times as well if I really like them.

The highest amount of times I've seen a film at the cinema is 4.

Generally for me, my most rewatched films fall into 2 categories. And they are vastly different to each other.

The first is light-hearted easy watches. Films like Pitch Perfect, Easy A, Animated Disney films etc. I tend to rewatch these type of films a lot as I often just want to relax or play something in the background that's an "Easy watch".

The second category is vastly different, and it's films that give me a physical response. I love films that can make me cry, or give me a genuine physical feeling of excitement, like sweating, fast heart rate etc. Two films have done this for me this year. Room that the OP mentioned is one, and 10 Cloverfield Lane is another. Mad Max Fury Road did it last year.

Room and 10 Cloverfield Lane in particular both gave me the same mental and physical reactions that I get when I am on a literal roller coaster which is pretty amazing, I know I will watch them both many times in the future.


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Where's the love for Major League and Beverly Hills Cop III? Seriously, I've watched those like 30 times each and it never gets old.