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Movies Films that say one thing...


aka ginger warlock
But are another.

Okay so that doesn't make a whole lot of sense but I am hoping I can explain it a bit better.

Essentially I am talking about films that are meant to be nice and upbeat but are actually very nasty tales when it comes down to it.

Two example spring to mind:


Okay, so what its Grease about? Is it about a man who falls in love with a girl and they live happily ever after? Well in a sense yes but look at it for what it is, a very prim, proper girl good at school, has a very good reputation and a girl you wouldn't mind taking home to see mum falls in love with a man who loves her for who she is but because his mates think she is too much of a goody goody he ignores her. So what does she do? She becomes a slut dressing up in leather and some how manages to go from an australian accent to an american accent, starts smoking, starts drinking and what does he do? He likes her and wants to date her, she is acceptable and everyone is happy. The funny thing is this is meant to be a great film that teenage girls love, but what is this really teaching them? To me this is not promoting a good message.

Mamma Mia!:

This is meant to be a romantic comedy about a girl falling in love, going away and living happily ever after, but before she does she wants to have her father at her wedding, but wait! There is a twist! She doesn't know who he is so she asks her mum and she goes in search, hilarity ensues and we have a lot of singing. But what is the movie really saying? Is it such a nice film? To me the story is essentially your mum sitting you down and saying "when I was your age I was a bit of a slapper, I drank a lot and essentially I can't remember who your dad is as I was passed out at the time", and this is meant to be a family friendly romantic comedy?? I am sorry but if I was that girl I would be pretty pissed off at my mum and think "well this would also explain why I sleep around... it is in my genes apparently..."