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Movies Films Purchased


Registered Member
Got some DVDs this week, thanks to Amazon, one re-bought because I stupidly got rid of it in the past.
What I got my mitts on:

The Devil's Advocate
Twin Town
Harry Brown
Fearless (Jet Li)
Kiss of Death
The Adjustment Bureau

Only watched one of 'em so far, The Adjustment Bureau which I gave 7.6 rating. It was all right, but hardly a mind-blowing piece of mind-blowing stuff.

And that film I had before The Devil's Advocate is cool, if memory serves I consider it rather underrated and would probably give it an 8.3 maybe a bit more.

Anyway, what you reckon to these films? You seen 'em? You like them?
What's your latest haul of films?


Well-Known Member
The only one of those that I've seen is Fearless. I thought it was really quite an excellent film. I've only seen it once though and it has been a while, we rented it a long time ago. Maybe I'll have to get it, it would be worth watching again in my opinion.

I buy movies every once in a while. I prefer to shove out the extra cash for Blu-Ray. Some people think I'm crazy.


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I would get Blu-Ray, but I'm poor ha.
DVDs are as good as anything, heck I'd stick with VHS if I could still watch films.

I haven't watched fearless again yet, I'm sure I've seen it but it was so long ago I have no idea what it was about or how good it is.

However I did just watch Harry Brown. I gave it a 7.7 quite good really and slightly relevant too, not bad, and Mr Caine gets to impart a bit of a cool monologue like he does in most films lately so that's good. I'm surprised he didn't say the word 'father' though. I swear over the last decade he's said that word eighty times in films.
He says that word very well indeed. Great actor.


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Out of the ones you mentioned, I've seen Fearless and The Adjustment Bureau. It's been a while since I've seen either. I think I'd say The Adjustment Bureau was about a 7.5, and Fearless was about an 8.5, but I'd have to see them again for that to be a very meaningful statement.

I haven't bought any DVDs in a long time. I think the last one I bought was The Dark Knight (actually, it may have been a gift, now that I think about it. I don't remember). I usually just check movies out from the local library.


The only one I've seen is The Adjustment Bureau. I REALLY didn't like that movie. I don't remember why now, but I saw it at the cinema and remember not liking it.

I buy DVD's and blu-rays heaps, so often that I hardly even remember what I've bought recently.

I bought Death Proof and Batman Under the Red Hood recently on blu-ray.


It's not me, it's you.
Out of the ones you have listed, I've only seen The Devil's Advocate. I too think it's highly underrated. I love that film and for some strange reason, I've been thinking about it lately. Perhaps I should buy it and watch it again.


From your list, I've seen The Devil's Advocate & The Adjustment Bureau. The Devil's Advocate was decent, probably a 6.5-7 and The Adjustment Bureau was closer to a 7-7.5.

The last few movies I bought were Warm Bodies and The Bourne Legacy... both on Blu-ray.